Do what makes you happy. Part 8

Mistakes we make. 

We all make mistakes. Except when no one dares to tell you that you made one. This does not only apply to be narcissistic ex-boss but to all of us. 

We all know right from wrong. We all know what we should and should not do. We all know we should put the dishes in the sink or the dishwasher. We all know that saying thank you to people is the right thing to do. Sometimes we think we do not need to say good morning to people. Is it because they don’t deserve it? No, it is because we do not feel like it or forget. Those are all excuses, kids do it all the time. They take things without saying thank you. They only know what they have been taught.  

Correcting a dog. 

I am going to take flak for this one. However, one way of training a puppy is through correction, positive reinforcement and redirection. Correction is to make a puppy sit after they have told to and didn’t. Positive reinforcement is to give a treat when the correct action is displayed. Or the redirection when they are on a leash and a quick turn is made by the trainer to redirect the dog’s attention to the path ahead and not daze off into space.  

This method works for kids and adults just the same. The prize may be a cookie or money. The result is the same. We are driven by input and output.  

Praising a child. 

Kids and adults all love to be praised much, much more than being disciplined. A friend of mine has a son that I really liked a year ago. Not that I don’t like him now but he has changed. He has become a spoiled little kid that will cry at the word “no”  

He was pulling a headboard back and forth in his room after he got bored playing with Lego. When he was told not to he looked at his mom and began screaming. Mom picked him up and cuddled the child. The same child behaved this way in public. It could be food, a toy or a ride in the mall. The child had his parents trained amazingly well and he knew it. I don’t get it. He will have a rough ride in the world where he will meet the narcissistic boss and or some tougher teachers.  

The child learned. 

This child learned to get his way. He was given input in ways where his behaviour was rewarded and so his life will need a major reset.  

This learned behaviour was enforced because he always got his way. As much as my ex-boss got his. The difference was that the parents are not going to be fired whereas the employee will be. The same affirmation of behaviour is what killed Michael Jackson and gets these big artists in trouble. No one dares to say no and that is wrong. We are all guilty of this type of behaviour. We let things slide and as parents, we may not be consistent enough as well.  

In the end, however, this type of behaviour does not lead to a positive healthy and happy life.  

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