Do what makes you happy. Part 7

Zero happiness. 

I can speak for an ex-boss of mine from experience. Happiness and joy are not in his vocabulary. The driving force behind him was to make the deals and to get his way. It is a very selfish and anxiety-driven way to live. Need to be right, to always be this narcissistic asshole. In meetings, it was always about his ideas and never listening to the team.  

Pushing the boundaries of bullying at all times and putting people down in public, in meetings, in front of others. He thinks of himself as a trailblazer and a leader. In reality, he is a rich businessman who got to where he is because of a well-off father. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and horseshoes up his ass. Is he happy? No, he is never happy.  

The face we put on. 

To the outside world and in front of a camera, life in the business of entertainment is just that. It is entertainment and he is a good showman. However, behind the scenes is a screaming, overbearing and micromanaging individual that has no happiness in life. The drive for him is to be bigger and better yet he will leave this world without a genuine legacy.  

Never giving back, never giving in and never appreciating anyone who contributes. I may sound like an asshole, talking about my ex-boss this way. Nevertheless, this is the truth of how he runs his business. The face he puts on for the camera is not the face he wears in the office. This is his problem and eventually, in life, he will pay for it.  

How we live. 

How we live our lives and how we portray ourselves to others is as simple as the small example in psychiatry. The one where you name your favourite animal and then the second and so on. The first animal you name is the one you wish to be the second is how others see you and the third one is who you are.  

This game we all play but we do not go full out to a level where my ex-boss was. He was powered and fuelled by money and could afford to always get his way so to speak. The company was one that people were dying to be a part of and not until later did they find out how the company was actually running.  

Evil is contagious. 

Eventually, the staff began treating others the same way they were being treated. While teamwork was the goal, everyone did their own thing to look good or at least not look bad in meetings. Everyone in the company shied away from commenting and recommending ideas so they do not get singled out and yelled at. This trickle-down effect became the norm. Everyone yelled at and treated their subordinates the way they were treated.  

This toxic environment was further poisoned by surrounding himself with a pile of “yes, yes, yes people” Never being told that you are wrong, is wrong.  

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