Do what makes you happy. Part 5 

What motivates you? 

What get’s you up and out of bed in the morning? No the alarm clock, the cat, the dog or the smell of coffee does not count. What gets you up and makes you look ahead to the day? 

If life is a constant struggle and nothing, I mean nothing at all gives you the least amount of joy in the day then you need to look inward.  

Do your friends and family fulfill your life? No, the general problems do not count. We all have our taxes, our bills and headaches. At the same time, we all have the little things in life. Those little things give us purpose. If you feel that you have no purpose, then it is time to spread your wings.  

Find your purpose. 

With Covid, it has been hard to travel. Yet one of the best ways to grow as a person is by seeing the world. Sometimes it opens your eyes and makes you appreciate what you have. 

I have often said that all politicians should travel before being in office. Millions of entitled assholes who complain about their coffee or being too hot and sue people over it should also travel and see how the other half live.  

Many people in the world have nothing better to do than to seek out opportunities. Opportunistic idiots who do not have a life and need to stir up shit for self gratification for the hell of it. A person in a developing country would certainly wait a few minutes before drinking a hot beverage. Even if they were to burn their tongue, they would not sue, they would learn.  


This is a simple thing. Learning. We do it each day. Little things we learn may not even seem like learning. Something you hear about from a friend or on social media does not seem like learning. Because we are bombarded with information much of this information is in and out of our heads.  

I personally love ancient Egypt. I love the Nazca lines. So I seek out such information. I learn about it because I want to. For you, it may be music, art, cooking or museums.  

This goes right back to what interests you and what can motivate you. What you are passionate about and what can give you joy. Is this enough for a happy life? 

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