Do what makes you happy. Part 4

 Are you depriving yourself? 

What are you depriving yourself of? Do you crave chocolates? A vacation? A long walk or drive? Simple, small things that may possibly be dismissed by your partner? A board game or a trip to the cottage?  

Maybe your life goals no longer match with your partner’s? Maybe you are stuck in a loveless relationship because you are afraid? Afraid that you will be alone so you would rather stay unhappy than take a step and find happiness? Do not deprive yourself of having bacon and eggs if your significant other is a vegetarian. If you have constant fights about it… Rethink your relationship. You may not want 40-50 years of that. Or give in after 10 years of marriage when you know this is an issue. Goes back to personal happiness and joy and not compromises that you are unable to manage. 

Your life is about you. 

Your life is in your hands. It is not in the hands of your family, friends or your partners. If your partner does not agree then you need to do things on your own or find a new partner. You are not being selfish for doing things you want to do. Your life is your life. No one should control you or tell you what to do. 

That being said, a healthy relationship is about caring, compromising and communicating. If… and that is a big IF. If you love your partner then compromise and being together are not looked upon as a form of giving in and giving up personal happiness.  

Who is unreasonable?  

Do not give in to unreasonable expectations. Do not make promises that you know full well you will only be able to keep for the short term. If you turn to be a vegetarian to make your partner happy and resent them for your decision… It’s best to move on. Find a burger-loving bacon addict like yourself or a full on plant loving soul to live with.  

There is nothing wrong with being you. Be the you, you want to be! 

Why give in to unreasonable expectations even for the short term. If you know deep inside something is not right, or something feels off. Rip off the band-aid quickly and do not wait.  

What is the point of waiting? 

Waiting is procrastinating over the inevitable. Waiting will only cause anxiety, fear and pain. While carrying around a monkey on your back for the sake of dealing with the inevitable.  

If you need to clear the deck so to speak it is best to clear it sooner than later. Do it before you sink under the pressure you are putting yourself under.  

There is nothing wrong with saying no. There is nothing wrong with giving up something negative in your life. If it brings you pain and you are unhappy it is time to move on. 

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