Do what makes you happy. Part 3 

Step into the unknown 

Most people are so afraid of change that they would rather go to work 9-5 and stress over their lives than to do something about the stress in their lives. 

They are afraid of what can, would or could happen to them. Step into the unknown and live a little. Shit happens in life whether you want it to happen or not. The only thing you are doing is going with the flow because we have been thought to do exactly that. The unknown is scary. The unknown is terrifying and that is why it is out of reach. Or is it? Do you always take the same route home? Do you ever go out of your way and take the scenic route? Small changes can and will lead to bigger ones. 

Living in fear? 

Are you living in fear? You are in fear of reaching your happiness because mentally you are incapable of crossing a barrier? If you are, then you should not complain about the lack of happiness in your life. 

Much the same as the rich folks are masking their pathetic lives with materialistic happiness, individuals afraid of making the change are also finding band-aid excuses as to why they cannot achieve happiness. Living in fear is no way to live. What do you need to be a little bit happier? What baby steps can you take to improve your life by a fraction of a percent? 

Is it that small walk around the block that you have been putting off as the start of your health goal? Is it embarrassment that is stopping you from joining a gym, an art class or dance classes?  

What brings you joy? 

Before you can take the steps to personal happiness and joy, you must identify what makes you happy. Maybe cuddling up on the couch with a good book does the trick. A run a cat or dog would bring you the greatest joy in life.  

Find out what your passions are and reach out for them. If you cannot get a dog, go to a dog park or volunteer at a shelter. Get a part-time job as a dog walker. Get closer to your goal by taking an art class if that is what your passion is.  

Do not be afraid.  

We didn’t pop out of mom’s womb running, walking and talking. We learned all that and so we need to teach ourselves how to be happy. Maybe we were whipped into a way of living. We were moulded into shape by our parents. Our surroundings dictated certain things. Now is the time to find your way, your path and your happiness.  

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