Do what makes you happy. Part 2 

What does it all mean? 

What does life bring you? Does your life generate such amounts of stress that you could be a nuclear power plant? Does your boss aggravate you so much that you want to punch him on sight? Does your significant other stress you out so much that you think of jumping off the nearest ledge?  

Obviously, if that is the case you need to make a change and not contemplate jumping, punching or hurting yourself in any way. You need to go and search for the next job the next partner or your next life.  

What’s killing you? 

What is eating away at you on the inside? Is it stupid things like…  

“I need that new iPhone and I cannot live without it, I need to be the first one in line at 1 am at the Apple Store?” 

If that’s your biggest problem, maybe jumping off the nearest ledge is your number one solution. Yes, that is sarcasm so no, don’t go jumping off anything. But do give yourself a slap across the face for me, please.  

Your level of anxiety and want for material things should be thrown out the window. You need a serious reality check and maybe a psychiatrist. As much as you think you need material things to achieve your happiness you are so wrong.  

Retail psychiatrist. 

I know a friend of mine that worked at Dior and now works at Hermes. Her life is filled with superficial people buying superficial material items. 

Most of her day is spent on the phone messaging clients who “need” the purse that is unavailable or… The purse they need to work up to in monetary spending at the store. 

Think of the absurdity of all of that… They are buying purses and clothes that are artificially limited to make them expensive. Hook, line and sinker. But my friend knows this, the brands know this and they play the game well.  

However, the money in most cases is not a problem. People walked into Dior and dropped tens of thousands of dollars on purses. But to make the sale… My friend was nothing more than a bouncing board. 

The listener.  

My friend brings temporary happiness to the rich by listening to their problems. Listening to them complaining about their lives, their empty pathetic useless lives. After hours of complaining, they are sold an expensive item of some sort.  

This purchase was not a purse or a dress, this purchase was a band-aid. This merely elevated a scratch that is leading to internal bleeding and a slow death. 

So what does it all mean? It means that millions of people could be better off by changing their lives for the better.  

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