Do what makes you happy. Part 1 

What is your life like? 

I would dare to state we have everything we want and need. This does not apply to all people across the planet of course. But let’s generalize for a moment.  

Most people have a job, and most people have what they need, even if they don’t have what they want. This is common across the world among people rich and poor.  

The rich want to be richer and the poor would like to have more security, and a better life and may want simpler things to achieve happiness.  

As we all know, the rich may be far sadder than the poor homeless man who begs on the street. Their level of need differs greatly. So the rest of the world falls somewhere in between all that. 

What level of rich are you? 

Are you the kind that considers themselves rich because you have a yacht? Are you the kind of rich that has penthouse condominiums in every major city of the world? Are you the kind that owns an exotic car and yet struggles to make the payments? Or are you considering yourself rich because you live in a massive house but stress over how to make the dollars meet to be able to afford that house? 

Maybe you are rich because someone threw a 5-dollar bill in your hat at the side of the street. The level of expectations of happiness can vary greatly and in all instances, money can and does cause stress. To others, you may look rich, yet your level of happiness does not equal your richness.  

Are you happy? 

Many of the rich are much poorer than we think and many of the poor are far wealthier than they believe. This is certainly true and if you have travelled to any of the poorer countries in the world you would know.  

Across India or Indonesia for example, the poor smile at you when you look at them. They greet people with a sincere smile because they are appreciative of the support you may bring to their establishment. This gives them their salary to take home to the family.  

In India, I spoke to a man in Rajasthan. He was a waiter and worked 7 days a week. He lived four hours away from his place of work. Saturday evening after his shift he got on a bus and went home. He then spent the day with his family and returned in time to start his shift Monday morning.  

Was this an easy life? Certainly not, but this man was such a happy soul. He talked about his kids and wife like they were everything to him. Because they were.  

How happy are you? 

Does your zest for life and your love for your family equal his? I will never know. However, this man that I met was a happy one for the sole reason that he had the means to provide for his family and that gave him pride as well as happiness. Can you achieve that? Can we in the modern world achieve that level of pride? Or are we the ones that are not capable of understanding that our wants and needs need a reality check? 

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