Being a Single Dad. Part 6

As the kids grow up. 

Honestly, it is amazing to see the kids growing up. To see them get on with life and do their own thing is something every mom and dad wants to see. Every parent wishes nothing but the best for their kids.  

Being a single parent can be a struggle. But the satisfaction of having been able to do something such as raising children is an incredible achievement.  

To be able to see a child adjust and cope with not having their mom around is incredible. Giving kids credit and trusting them is something many parents miss. Sure, kids can be kids and can do funny and stupid things. But to be able to entrust them with little things and build on that is one thing you need to give your child. 

Building trust. 

I must say that one of the funniest stories for me came from this trust. My son was at home as I stepped out for something. I got a call from my son and to say it was a panic was an understatement. My son tried to explain to me that our dog that was on the deck, removed a picket from the railing and wanted to jump down. Well, the deck was about 10 feet off the ground. But that was not the interesting part. The dog in the process of wanting to come down got his hip stuck between the two pickets… He was just hanging there. My son explained all this and I told him to go give the dog a shove. There was nothing he nor I could do at that moment. My son gave the dog a shove, he did a perfect landing and came running back up. Or the time the water softener pipe came off and sprayed water all over the basement. Of course, things happen, but how we and the kids react to these things creates character.  

How do the kids turn out? 

My son has a very even and calm nature about him. Very straightforward and reacts to things with ease. My daughter is the polar opposite and the sky is always falling. No, it’s crashing down and raining cats and dogs. Let’s say she takes after her mom? Yeah lets, just because I can. Don’t hate, we are having fun here. Yup the kids turned out to be absolutely the opposite of each other. What can we do?  

However, when it comes to trusting them with important things they are both trustworthy. Their personalities do not match and over the years they have grown apart. I will blame myself for this as well as their personalities. My son cannot put up with talking about the Kardashians and my daughter has the attention span of a goldfish. They are both gainfully employed but do not talk to each other much. 

Where is their mom? 

This question we ask ourselves at times… In many ways, I don’t give a shit where she is. She owes about $100,000 in child support. University, child support payments and other expenses that I had to shell out on her behalf will never be repaid. My son and daughter both could have used a stable mother. But such is life and we cannot get what we want.  

It is a shame to see a very intelligent and talented woman spiral down the drain. A best-selling author and scriptwriter. A person who is as gifted as she is lost it all due to drinking. If nothing else it is a well-learned lesson. The kids watched their mother fall to pieces and learned not to fail as she did. I learned from the experience as well. Drinking is a red flag, not only for me but for the kids as well… 

Conclusion: It is best to let negative things/people go. Set them free and let them be on their way. We cannot help people who do not want to be helped. 

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