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The Metaverse.  

The insanity of the metaverse and more virtual crap is nothing but a distraction. Yet it seems to be welcomed as the next big craze. It is pulling the wool over our eyes and creating more and more digital assets in the NFT world as well as the Crypto world. Everyone talks about decentralization and moving away from the government.  

Did no one stop to think that the government is doing this behind your back? Giving you an inch and taking you for all you are worth. Getting you to sign up and work for a digital currency that can and will be tracked at every turn. The history of each transaction is completely transparent.  

Why Would They do This?  

We already pay with debit and credit cards that are totally trackable and traceable. Like your phone and digital devices, even your car. Every cell phone tower, every movement is trackable. Face recognition has you pegged. Now you will be trading crypto backed with all the blockchain tech to make you even more trackable.  

Think about this. If the government was behind it, it would be the perfect tool for them to control everyone. The absurdity of digital art. “Art” that can be created by a 5-year-old backed by more and more digital assets all sitting there in the cloud.  

People have been ripped off, stolen from and lied to. Many billions of dollars have been spent and lost and in the end, it ends up the same way as the stock market. The very thing you were running away from you became. It was a transfer of funds from the bank to Crypto.  

New tech, new world.  

Interestingly enough. When Canada was switching to cell phone chips, the chips have been around in Indonesia for years. As Bell Canada and Rogers rolled out the insertable chips, landlines were not even being created in Asia.  

This skipping ahead of technology gave Indonesia a huge boost in the cell phone market. The current state in Indonesia is that everyone has a cell phone. No landlines. No one knows what a landline is anymore. Will this leap of crypto trickle down to other developing countries and be the adopted currency instead of cash? Are we leading the way to a completely cashless society? No, we are already in the middle of it.  

I am no expert.  

Look at all the TikTok videos on crypto. Look at all the videos on side hustles that are all digital as well. See the “influencers”? They have become a necessity for all businesses and marketing because we let them.  

The same thing is happening with the world. We are letting it be all-consuming and all-encompassing. Letting rage, anger builds on all platforms, led by propaganda and button-pushers who poke us in the ribs and get individuals rattled up. Letting algorithms rule our existence as we are more and more attached to our devices. Yes, it gives everyone a platform. I am speaking to you on the same platform because it is the only way. At one point we need to ask ourselves…  

Is it all worth it? We are killing our planet, our resources and ourselves. What can we do differently?  

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