The World 3.

The less fortunate. 

As my rant continues, I am considering the future. When we look at the world, a very large percentage of the population lives in poverty. We have seen this shift of manufacturing from one region to the next. Cheap labour, cheap products seem to be the way of the world. 

How about we switch this around? Why doesn’t the industry switch from making cheap shitty plastic products in low labour areas? Why don’t we give good jobs to the poor folks who are cutting down the rainforest giving them jobs in the renewable energy sector?  

A game-changer ha? No, it is not, but it would be an improvement. Or how about we do the same in Africa for the poachers? Oh, I know, there I go being simple-minded once more.  

Make the Change! But who? 

I feel rattled and upset when I discuss this because we as average people are helpless. We do not know who to trust… Simple things such as the IKEA “Foundation” or the ME to We scandal in Canada. The only person I seem to trust at the moment is Elon Musk. So far he doesn’t seem to stumble like Bill Gates. He does not seem to have a hidden agenda at the moment. Maybe he too will change, though I hope not.  

Maybe he, being the richest man in the world could turn the tide and unite the world? Elon for world leader? His ideas are too advanced for the stupid politicians to grasp while their only concern is to get re-elected. That is the problem with the world. Short-sighted money-hungry individuals who do nothing good for the benefit of the constituents.  

There must be a better way. is there?  

Is there a more efficient way? Is there a better way? I am sure there is but it requires one simple thing. Or two simple things. Open-minded individuals and accepting individuals. We seem to be short on those things. Not to mention honesty, integrity and trust. There is no way a politician can be all of those things. Why the hell do we need them then?  

We will never change the future because the above people cannot exist. They are all driven by money, power and lobbyists. There is only one way to achieve greatness in human society. Total destruction before we can rebuild society. So is this the end? I don’t know. For all, we know we could be seeing the end of the world in days, weeks or months if no one steps up to take the lead on this planet!  

The end is NEAR! The end is NEAR! 

I hope not. But the end of something is near. The end of the world, the end of Russia, Putin or maybe Covid? I doubt it… The end is as near as the beginning of something else.  

How can we end something and begin something new? Without hidden agendas and kickbacks, greasing wheels and under the table, behind our backs deals? The truth is… We probably cannot. This saddens me to no end. To see the children grow up in a f*cked up society and a bleak future. it saddens me to see that nothing is being done. We live in a virtual world. Crypto, NFT, Web3 and the virtual world while we totally screw ourselves in both worlds. Someone, please give me some hope!? 

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