The World 2.

Absolute Stupidity! 

How we pride ourselves on being an evolved and intelligent race… So, so smart that we are not planning our mission to Mars.  

Humanity has been launching satellites into space since the 1950s. 

On 1 January 2021, there were 6,542 satellites in orbit. 

While that may sound like a lot, only half of them were active. 

The rest are “dead” satellites that are no longer in use. 

According to: 

Yet we cannot accomplish peace on earth? We rage wars, sanctions and in the process kill one another. We have a war on drugs, we have a war on humans, and for what?  

Greed and Money. Rule the world! 

We put all the rich people of the planet on a pedestal. We place the Kardashians as role models and praise Elon Musk for SpaceX and Tesla. I love what Elon Musk has done. (I am not hating on him, I am using him as my example.) What I am trying to get at is that we have highly intelligent people on the planet. We have incredible doctors and scientists. Can we not use them to help us? 

Instead of finding ways to kill each other?  

Come now, where there is a will, there is a way! Unfortunately, the willpower for destruction is greater than the willpower for good!  

Why is it that people are so damn greedy? Why must we continue with ulterior motives and constant hate? This hate includes racism of all sorts and any sort of discrimination. Why are we so stupid?  

Old world thinking? 

An experiment was done with rats. All white and all black rats grew up separately. When a black rat was placed into the white group the rat was picked on and killed. When the black and white rats grew up together they lived in peace.  

Simple creatures such as rats can grasp this concept. The most intelligent species on the planet cannot! How is this possible? Is it the old-world thinking of the older elite? Is it the racists from all walks of life holding on to this misguided way of thinking? Maybe I am off my rocker, maybe I am too simple minded and under-educated to grasp all of this? Or could it be all the misinformation and propaganda keeping us all apart? Is it the wealth and viewpoints of a select few causing this divide?  

The great divide! 

So if we as individuals are not the cause of all this hate and killing then who is? It must be the divided media and the forced political stance. Certain parties take on issues and others don’t, but no one will ever win!  

In my simple and very hopeful mind… I am hoping that with the millennials and their free way of thinking we can alter our current course and make a difference. Once more, I may be, possibly proven wrong. Who can unite the world? Who can give us the world we strive to see but cannot achieve? What movement can possibly happen to help the human race?  

Who can bring together the select few and mediate peace? While I am talking about world peace we may as well bring in some other possible ideas… 

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