The World 1.

We are so messed up! 

I am saddened by the world of late…  

Someone out there is having a major temper tantrum! I am disappointed by the actions of politicians, world leaders such as… Wait I don’t have space to list them all.  

Perhaps the best way to put this is that I am disappointed by every single leader and politician. Then I would say I am disappointed by the lack of action and common sense from all those people.  

It seems to me that when I was a kid and really, really stepped out of line, I got a smack across the head. It didn’t happen often. No, I was not an abused child. However, the couple smacks across the head were memorable. It seems like the current leaders all need a slap or two to get all of them thinking straight. 

Does no one Have the Balls? 

Maybe we need to settle this in different ways. How about a good MMA fight, jousting, or a winner takes all round of chess? How about a polite round of golf? Could that bring these pouting, hysterical leaders together?  

How about a couple of drinks and a dozen hookers as gifts for Putin? Could that divert his attention from the war? Maybe he is gay and we need to provide him with other types of amusement. Sorry, not meaning to hate or degrade anyone. This is getting way out of hand and my mind just rambles on and my fingers cannot keep up.  

I am baffled by the lunacy of it all. I cannot comprehend that we are in the state that we are in. 

We are in a Tailspin. Hang on! 

The world is in a tailspin because of Covid and now the war. Have we all lost our minds? A recession is looming and then we begin to think deeper. It has been said over and over that this war gathered more attention than the ones in the Middle East.  

Totally true. How about we stop, just freaking stop the fighting between Israel and Palestine and we come to some agreement in Afghanistan… I mean seriously, the past is the past and don’t go giving me a history lesson.  

That is the problem… This thought, “you did this to me back 100 years ago, yesterday or 1000 years ago.” Now you must pay. 

We cannot bring back the dead, we cannot (unless you know something I don’t) change the past. Unfortunately we also never freaking learn from it. We know what’s fuelling this, right? We must stop dwelling on the past and look forward to a brighter future.  

Money, Greed and POWER! 

There you go, I gave you all the answers. Money, greed and power drive the madmen of today. Growing more and more powerful. And for what? To win a pissing contest? The constant undermining of it all, the misinformation to get what you want for glory and power? I am so damn sick of it. I am tired of it and no one on the planet can stop it?  

There are over 7 billion people on this wonderful, colourful marble that we call home. Are we going to destroy it with bombs? Are we going to launch a nuclear attack? Whatever happened to the Iron Curtain coming down and the walls of separation being tumbled? 

Is it all worth it? We are killing our planet, our resources and ourselves. What can we do differently? 

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