Bali Life. Part 4

The Travellers of Bali 

There seem to be a few different types of travellers to Bali. The seasoned Bali travellers are the ones who know the island and know what they want to do. The other ones are the newbies, they are the most fun. The ones whose eyes are opened to a brand new world to explore. Then there are the ones that stay at the resort and enjoy the amenities of their establishment.  

While there is no one pushing you to do any particular thing, I suggest you spend a little time exploring this incredible island. Bali offers so much and it would be a shame to miss out on the sights and sounds of Bali. 

Backpackers and low-budget travellers are the next big thing in Bali. While there have been less and less due to the earlier restrictions they are coming back. The inexpensive food, lodging and scooter rentals are a fun way to explore. 

What to Eat in Bali? 

I am sure that most people reading this are not first-time travellers to Bali. First-time travellers to Bali will be blown away by the variety of restaurants. Abundance would be the word that comes to mind when I think of food in Bali.  

A little time spent on Google will bring up the most amazing restaurants and resorts. But… the big but is there are incredible warungs and local places that serve up Babi Gulling or suckling pig for example. They may not be your first choice but you would be missing out on something special. 

These small restaurants are usually not noticed by travellers. While these small places serve up delicious food they are not what one might consider at first glance. They serve good food and do not have the ambiance of a 5-star hotel. Either way, ask around and you will be given plenty of choices and an incredible variety.  

First time here? 

For the first-timers, there are a few pieces of advice. Besides being nice to the locals, do make sure you have medical insurance. Most medicine is far less expensive than in other parts of the world. General problems can be dealt with at a local clinic. Minor injuries are not very expensive. More importantly though, while hospitals and doctors are quite good, the prices do escalate when there is a serious medical emergency. I have seen severely injured surfers and witnessed several scooter and car accidents.  

While these tend to be low-speed occurrences, burns or broken bones are common. If you come and rent a scooter, please follow the crowd and don’t the crazy Bule person tearing up traffic. The people are used to their pace of driving. You may shave a minute off your arrival time but could also injure yourself or others. 

The Best way to see Bali? 

If you are going to stay in a villa or a resort and wish to enjoy your stay, hire a driver. Budget for a driver and let them deal with the headaches of parking, driving and traffic… The fun of walking around and exploring is enjoyable. When you get tired of walking tell your driver where you are and they will fetch you. Make sure you have WhatsApp since the world revolves around WA in Indonesia. Not many locals have iPhones. iPhones are pricey so Android and WA are the phone and communication of choice. Because of the pandemic, many places could be 100% capacity even though they are only 50% open. This could refer to hotels, restaurants and resorts alike. Due to the uncertainty, some places are not running at 100% capacity. Call ahead, once again most places are on WA and it is the customer service communication of choice.  

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