Bali Life. Part 3

Bali, what does it stand for?

Ba… bannyak Li… libur. Banyak Libur means many, or lots of vacations/holidays. This has been a joke among the locals because there are so many Balinese holiday ceremonies. If it is not the major holidays it could be smaller local ceremonies. These ceremonies can be blocking or shutting down streets. They can also close down entire areas.  

This time is also a great opportunity to take some photos of the processions and gatherings. Please do this with respect and admiration rather than trying to get the perfect Instagram photo.  

Once more this is adaptation and a sense of belonging. Once you understand that you are a foreigner here you will fit in much nicer.  

The Bali Life. Peace 

All places welcome locals and foreigners alike. If you are green, you will be taken advantage of. If you are unsure, hang back and reassess the situation. There are good and bad people all over the world.  

If you choose to be stupid you will get taken advantage of. I am sure it is a game for some to see what they can get away with. Don’t be too overwhelmed and don’t be too anxious.  

The key to the Balinese is peace and patience. Smile often, speak nicely and you will be rewarded. If you tip extra, you will be rewarded even further.  

Go about your business. Be kind.  

This is something that should not need to be addressed but it must be. I have said this before but kindness goes a long way. Most local people will be respectful. They know that the Bule people may be lost, excited or ignorant of certain things.  

In traffic, often locals will wave, smile, interact with you. They are happy to see you because you are their next meal. Not as in cannibalism but the tourism business. The Jet-ski rental, the small shop, restaurants, the hotels, villas and the malls where you will be supporting the local economy.  

Many foreigners do not realize that there isn’t much industry on the island. One thing to keep in mind is that the roads appear busy. The roadsides are filled with shops and small manufacturing facilities. However, if you zoom out on google maps along the roads you will see empty land. Except for small pockets of population, outside of Denpasar most areas behind the busy shops are empty.  

Off the Beaten Path. Go Explore! 

Everyone wants to go off and explore. With the advent of social media, everyone wants something unique. The coolest photo to get the most likes.  

There are numerous opportunities for everyone to get the best photo and experience to go with the photo. Remember it is not expensive to get a local guide. Get yourself a local person, preferably Balinese. Take my advice on this… Get a local guide, do some research and make sure they are reputable and up to the same adventure that you are looking for. Remember to consult with people. This goes for lawyers, doctors, hospitals, real estate or property purchases. Get yourself some assistance and you will be happier exploring Bali, Island of the Gods. 

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