Bali Life. Part 2

How does one Adapt to Bali?  

Adapting to Bali… How can you adapt? In simple terms, everyone that has been here knows how things work in Bali. Sometimes things can take a little extra time and sometimes things can be done very quickly. 

The crux of it is right there. Sometimes, tomorrow or the day after things can be done. Other times you are blown away at how much quicker things are done in Bali or Indonesia in general. It seems that adapting to Bali life depends on you lowering your expectations and taking things in stride. 

Bali life assimilates you and forces you to do adapt.  

Adapting to Bali. 

Putting it simply, sometimes things work in Bali and sometimes they don’t. That can be your air conditioner, your hot water tank, your car or your credit card… 

Things happen in Bali. Small car accidents that can and will be brushed off.  Bigger incidents happen with locals and foreigners alike. This is not Australia, Canada, Germany or Europe. I am sure I missed a few countries, please do not be insulted. The point is things more often than not work well. When they don’t it can be a confusing and a somewhat angering situation. This is where adaptation and good connections come into play.  

The more you mingle, the more you will know. The more people you know, the more you will know and slowly you will adapt. Slowly you merge into Bali life and the next time you don’t have hot water, you will laugh it off.  

Things matter less. You are in paradise. 

As you assimilate to the local standards you will realize how little something matters. Problems that may have driven you crazy back home suddenly do not bother you. Things such as toilets that are merged with showers were one of my irritants. Everything in the bathroom getting soaked used to piss me off. Eventually, I learned that it didn’t matter. I do not go to the toilet at home with my socks or shoes on. If you are in a restaurant and the floor is wet, it’s ok it won’t matter anyway, there you will have footwear.  

Little things that used to bother me slowly vanished…  

This is the Bali and Indonesian way. The Bali way is to be polite, ask nicely and eventually, good things will happen. The key thing is, don’t be an asshole, be nice… You can be upset but don’t be a jerk.  

Don’t be a Jerk 

There are many reasons to be upset in life. However, when you look back on it, you were most likely triggered by something. It can be the AC not working for a few days, or promises unkept. Let off some steam but do it with respect. Why be the raging lunatic in a lobby of a hotel when you can have much more impact when you are expressing your displeasure in an angry but quiet manner. Don’t be the laughing stock of a hotel. Have respect, ask for discounts and apologies.  

Bali is a place to chill. Visit your favourite hotel, villa or the property of your choice. There are numerous amazing things you could be doing besides being upset. Express yourself, give deadlines and come back to the problem later. Also, keep in mind the many ceremonies of Bali. You know what Bali stands for right? 

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