Bali Life. Part 1

Come and live with me in Bali. Virtually of course.  

Why Bali? I cannot give you one straight answer. I can only guide you from my experience. I could say, “why not Bali,” but what good would that do? The first time I arrived in Bali was December 1998 and have never looked back so to speak. From the moment I landed in Bali, I felt at home… There was a sense of peace from the moment my feet hit the tarmac.  

Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the lifestyle but Bali is different.  

I have visited Bali more times than I can remember. I have spent weeks, days and months in Bali and I knew, I had to make it my home one day.  

How it all Came about? It was black magic. 

No, it was not black magic. But then I wouldn’t know if it was black magic or not, would I? I feel that the warmth and kindness of the Balinese people make Bali special. The magical places and beautiful scenery would not be as special if it weren’t for them. What I do know is early on Bali was quite different. Even though it has changed, the world too has changed. Fortunately, Bali did not lose its charm, not for me anyway. In the early days, there were considerably fewer foreigners residing permanently in Bali. Now it has become many foreigners’ permanent home. They too were put under the magical spell of Bali and the Balinese.  

Bali Today. How is it? 

For the most part, people come and go. Many tourists return frequently and cannot picture themselves living in Bali full time. It is a vacation spot that many will visit and return to. From what the majority of tourists say they have not grown tired of Bali. Making Bali a permanent place of residence requires a few steps. The steps to permanent residence have been made easier over the years. There are many steps to take and if you are interested, please contact us at Power Properties.  

The pandemic sure has slowed things down a touch. The hospitality business took a beating. Slowly the property business, tourism and all are bouncing back. So the mass influx of foreigners coming and opening up shop is on the rebound as well as the property market.  

Live in Bali? 

Many social media influencers and wannabees make up their amazing stories of how they packed up and left for Bali. Sure, it is possible but unless you have money in the bank and do not need to work you can stay as a tourist. If you need to work, then it is a different story. Work permits and visa’s all need to be taken care of, you need to be sponsored and all. But that being taken care of, life in Bali is the same yet different from other parts of the world. it is different from Jakarta for example. For me, the biggest difference is that you end up forming your little bubble and creating your own space. I used to listen to talk radio from Canada until it got too much and I cut that off. Then slowly as I merged into Bali life I got to live even though I worked. I feel that that is the biggest difference. No matter how hard a day is, you can head out to the beach, clear your head and move on. There is a sense of being able to disconnect.  

I rarely watch television, maybe a movie here and there. Otherwise, I am out having dinner, enjoying the beach or working on the next project. Living life is easier in Bali, not because of the currency exchange or because you have the beaches. Bali slowly rubs on you, into you and you end up adapting to Bali life. How does one adapt to Bali? 

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