Career Changes, Part 9. 

Furniture, movies, skincare… To Property/Marketing   

Yes, one more addition to the once blank resume of mine. I seemed to have gotten lucky once more. I had lined up an interview shortly after my arrival in Bali. 

A little backstory to this… I love the property business and I had built several villas in Bali and houses in Canada. My background in Industrial Designs, CAD and so on was a perfect fit for this. I love going to see new places. I love the design and building aspect of it and above all I love Bali. I am passionate about the island and the people.  

A fifteen-year gap. To an interview.  

How can this be? Do not burn your bridges is the way this goes once more. I had plenty of experiences with different real estate companies during my nearly 30 years of coming to and living in Bali.  

But keeping in touch over LinkedIn and the odd messages here and there kept this friendship alive to the point that we knew where were in life. My friend knew I was in Jakarta and where I was employed. About a year and a half ago we talked and entertained the idea of working together. I didn’t need the job and he may not have been ready for me. But we connected again and I was in need of a job. This interview was 15 years in the making… 

I got a new job! I got it. 

As soon as we met we hit it off and I had already prepared a presentation to relaunch this real estate company. I prepared it during my two-day quarantine in Jakarta.  

Needless to say, it is a complete makeover. New logo, new look, new blogs and so forth. A plan to create content and a plan to revitalize this company that fell behind a touch in the social media aspect of its marketing.  

Being in marketing and content creation plus the knowledge of real estate gave me the perfect advantage. I rolled out my plan and over a coffee, we shook hands and I started my new position.  

What I learned… 

We always need to be learning. We cannot sit still and let life pass us by. Need to take chances, always reaching for the next milestone and the next level.  

In the meantime, I kept at it with my books, you can see all of them on my website. I learned how to format, upload, price and make my book available on several platforms. Kobo, Apple Books, Amazon, KDP and I learned how to get a book ready for printing. 

I learned how to run a studio, rent and customer service, plus project management for the 3 million dollar project we completed at the Jakarta Film Studios. We built the first-ever Dolby Atmos studio in Jakarta.  

Be a Dreamer 

Don’t have your head in the sky all the time. However do open your eyes to technology, sustainability, recycling, space, nature and always treat others kindly.  

Trust everyone until there is a reason not to trust them. Be open to meeting new people. Do not burn your bridges, leave doors and relationships open. 

A funny story to wrap this up. I was involved in event organizing decades ago. It was only a few projects but I loved it. Very stressful but fun. 

Grey advertising was the client, we met discussed and quickly put together a presentation. Oddly enough for a bald man, it was a shampoo project. They didn’t tell us the client’s name but referred to them and J and J and no it was not Johnson and Johnson.  

Don’t be nervous. They are People Too 

On the day of the presentation, they took us along to do the presentation. We pulled up to a building and I looked up, It was P&G Proctor and Gamble. I laughed a little since I had the client’s name totally wrong.  

In the elevator, the ladies from Grey Advertising looked over and asked if I would do the presentation. I was the only foreigner or Bule on the project and they threw this at me minutes before we were to meet the client.  

The elevator doors opened and we entered a massive room. Had to be about a hundred chairs and I was a little shocked. We were told that the client would be in within a minute.  His name was Steve and he was from Singapore. Steve entered, we introduced ourselves and he casually asked “So what have you got?” I explained, it took about 10 minutes. He looked at us and asked “Where will the water come from” I pointed at the drawings, he shook our hands and said ok, done deal.  We exited and once we were in the elevator the ladies went crazy, we landed a massive account.  

Don’t burn bridges, be kind, be nice, be humble. Sometimes you need to roll with the punches and sometimes you need to throw them… I am off to sell some villas in Bali.  

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