Career Changes Part 6

Do People Hate Me? Maybe not Yet. 

Being hated openly is one thing. Being hated secretly and being needed was a whole other game to play. In a work environment, we mix and mingle, especially before the COVID crisis. Work needs to get done, budgets need to be cut or adjusted. Targets, KPI and schedules need to be met.  

People need to achieve targets and that included me. One common language around the world is the language of money. Everyone is greedy and like a drug, when they are hooked, they will go to great lengths to get the next hit. But the addicts still need to get things done. Taking sides with the CFO was not a political move, it was common sense. We were both conservative in spending and very much on the side of common sense. We were not liked because we saw through the bullshit. That was the bottom line. We saw the push and shove from one party because we knew they would get a kickback once their plan was given the green light.  

Was This Career Move Worth it? It Remained to be Seen. 

Once the dust settled and everyone slowly fell into the new roles and the new mould so to speak, we had a system going. I was the middle man to negotiate all financial requests and requirements from the different departments.  

My new best friend, the CFO and I not only became close friends but we developed our way of operating. We carried a big stick but never used it. The stick was always the last resort and we usually plotted our next move over cups of coffee several times during the week. The experience of it all was more than worth the minor inconvenience of head butting on occasion with other department heads.  

In the end, Everybody Needs you. They do Need You! 

At the end and I mean the end of it all, in the consequences of partnerships, we knew how to navigate the different departments. One of the best ways to achieve one’s goal is to take on things that no one wants to do. More often than not, no one wants the jobs with the big risk or possible negative consequences. Those are the projects you take on.  

In my case, I had help from none other than my CFO and others since we were not hated by all, only a few. I say that with a smirk on my face. In the end, the project or assignment that no one wanted was the assignment that held the most weight. This was one way of ensuring that even if you are not liked by all, you step up and show the haters that you are needed and you are important. Slowly the haters become friends, don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  

COVID 19. Changed Everything 

This is not news to anyone. The company I worked for shrunk, wages were cut and we all worked from home. After several changes in the department and much of the staff being let go, we all had new roles. 

This included me and others. I considered myself lucky even with position changes and a new role. Now I was stuck, I couldn’t go back to Canada and I was not 100 percent happy in the new role. The world was turned upside down, so I made do. This is what pushed me into further career changes.  

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