Career Changes. Part 4.

We are Going to Switch Countries. We are Going to Switch Careers.   

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know that I love Asia. Indonesia to be exact. This comes full circle with Part one of career changes because I was about to enter the world of entertainment once more. A friend of mine from MD Pictures was doing a shoot in Toronto. They needed a hand with a few things but mostly production and to verify a few people before sending money over.

Well, this led me down a path that helped set me on my future. Once more, the reminder to never burn the bridges. My friend started up MD Entertainment and later on opened MD Pictures. I would never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would work with them again.  

Another change. Off to Indonesia.  

Business is business. I wish that many others could cross over into other industries as I did. I was hired as the Chief Operating Officer for MD Pictures. Many people would think that this is a far cry from what I was doing. However, what is it like to run your own business? My family and I worked with large companies such as Walmart, Costco and IKEA. We had the experience and the knowledge to run a business. We had the foundation and the knowledge to make things happen. My friend knew this and within two months I was on my way to Jakarta Indonesia.  

What to Make of it all? I did it! 

While this change was huge I was pleased to make a move. I was happy to be out of the furniture business and to be able to make a clean start.  

This was by far the biggest career change. Was I nervous? I sure was, there was a lot to learn and a lot to take on. But, being in business we need to be diverse and we need to adapt. Something everyone needs to do is expand their knowledge. When I want to do something new I throw myself into it and immerse myself in the topics. Did I read up on what is expected from a COO? I sure did. Did I study up on what I needed to do? Yes, I did.  Did I learn anything new? 

Did I Learn Anything? I Surely did! 

The number one thing I learned was that I can be a COO. How so you may ask? Well, all the main qualifications for a COO were deep inside me for decades.  

I was not referred to as a COO but rather an owner. We looked after several departments. They all reported to the owners. Planning and forecasting, new product launches, managing financials were all part of our jobs. Our roles were broken up differently. Quality control, sustainability, hiring, firing and human resources were everyday things… What I had to get used to was… the politics of it all. 

John Doe vs Evil

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