Mental Health and Addiction 19.

Off to Rehab. Peace in the House. 

The time to say goodbye was now. After my ex booked her flight and despite to warning of my lawyer. I “allowed” for us to be altogether the night before my ex flew out.  

This was not advised but I simply couldn’t do it. We told the kids she is off to see a doctor and doctors to help her get better. Having said all this made all of us feel better. Technically these were not lies. She was off to see doctors and specialists who deal with this sort of illness. After spending a night together as a family, she was off early the next morning to Quebec.  

The kids and I checked out of the hotel and headed back home to our partly empty house. Having to go to school the next day sucked for the kids. But the promise was made that we will be off to Bali when mom is out.  

The Next Few Days. Peace… 

Once more, having removed the problem from the household, brought joy to us. Not having to deal with a crazy person was bliss. No lies, no arguments, no yelling and screaming. We made all the decisions with the kids. We did what we wanted when we wanted and life was good.  

We decided things as a family. What to eat, what to cook and what to do was now all in our hands… No one can tell us what to do! Having peace in the house was incredible. We rejoiced at the thought of making our own decisions and not having the negativity around us.  

Meanwhile, in Rehab. Life was Not Pretty. 

Checking into rehab is not fun. My ex was picked up from the airport and driven to a very secluded area of Quebec. She and her belongings were examined much as they would do in jail. As long as things were not harmful to her or others, she was able to keep her belonging. Every single item was checked and rechecked. Adhering to rules was not my ex’s specialty. She always fought rules and regulations. No one can tell her what to do was a motto of hers. Well in rehab, that went out the window and hopefully, it was a path to wellness.  

She was not able to call for the first few days and that made things hard for her and great for us. She was essentially blocked from us and that was a damn fine thing.  

The First Call. Anger! 

When she was able to make her first call, she was definitely angry. There was no doubt in my mind that she would have been very angry if we were face to face. Fortunately, calls are monitored and so she kept it civil. There was tremendous anger in her voice. I assumed that the realization of her being as close as she can get to jail was not pleasant.  

After the second and third calls, she calmed down. In reality, she was there of her own free will. She could walk away from the center and take the next plane or train home. Luckily the center was way out in the country and a 20km walk from the nearest town.  

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