Mental Health and Addiction 17.

My devious plan Part 2. The Shit Hits the Fan!

The morning of our supposed trip to Bali, I loaded up the car with all the luggage and the kids. I have had all this pre-arranged with the school and the principal, the kids didn’t know that they were heading someplace else.

I had full custody of the kids, I had all the proper legal paperwork so child services would not be after me if the kids were reported, “kidnaped”.

Never in my life would I have thought of such things. Never had I thought I would be involved in such things. Taking custody of the children and making plans to go off to a hotel and hiding was never in my plans.

Taking the Kids. A Terrible Goodbye.

This was not easy. The kids and the luggage were loaded up I pulled away from the house. I drove towards the school and then pulled over in an empty parking lot.

The kids knew that something was up. Of course, by now they were fully up to speed on the problems with mom. I turned to them and explained the situation.

Their biggest disappointment was that we are not going to Bali. This was a sad moment as you can imagine. The kids loved going despite the 24 hours of sitting on a plane.

The Hardest Thing Ever. Mom Cries and Begs.

After explaining to the kids that we are off to a local hotel and that mom is now going to be forced to go to rehab they were somewhat happy.

We would be spending the next few nights in an undisclosed location they were not to divulge this information to mom. Explaining such complicated matters to kids is never easy. However, after telling the kids a white lie that mom will be off to see some doctors to help her and help her get better, they understood. Now came time for the phone call to my ex. I picked up the phone and called. I knew she would be upstairs and that she had not yet read my letter to her.

The Letter. All Hell Breaks Loose!

This call was by far the hardest call I ever had to make. I remained calm and asked her to go to the kitchen table and read the letter I wrote. She was immediately upset and demanded that I tell her what is going on.

So I did… I explained that the kids are in my custody and she cannot see them until she picks a place on the list and checks herself into a rehabilitation center.

This was easy enough to type but a crying and screaming mother in the background was a very tough thing to listen to. At first, it was lots of aggression, hate, cursing and yelling… Things calmed down after a few minutes.

Why did You Have to do This? Because I had No Choice!

The big question was “why”? The overly simplified answer was, “because I had no choice”

After years of begging, pleading, arguing, fighting and constant nervousness, it was time to take action. She begged and pleaded with me… I was in tears; the kids were crying and my ex was sobbing as I have never heard anyone sob before. She was in pain. Partly because I had the kids… But she knew they were safe. She was in fear of what was about to happen to her. She was terrified about the demons she was about to face in rehab. Her voice was something that will forever remain with me during those moments.

The hardest thing I ever had to do… but it was not over yet.

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