Mental Health and Addiction 15.

Happy Without me. 

It is hard to forgive an alcoholic. On one hand, you know that this mess, this crazy situation came about slowly. On the other hand, all you can say in your head is… Stop, just stop drinking, stop thinking about it and stop consuming the booze.  

This of course applies to every addiction. Obesity, drugs and so forth. Just stop damn it! Easier said than done, most people are seeking pleasure or satisfaction, one that hides or masks other underlying problems. In our case, I knew what the cause was, but my ex decided to take things into her own hands. In her case, it was a bottle. Her realization of the family being happy without her didn’t go over well. But this was the truth and living without her and all the problems were far easier than living with her.  

Loneliness. An alcoholic reflects. 

After endless discussions and years of problems, things were heading even further towards hell. After what she thought of as attempted suicide and taking a bunch of Tylenol it was time for some serious chats.  

It was March. Every March we went to Bali with the kids and this was to be no exception. Unfortunately going on holiday with an alcoholic is not exactly a holiday. At this time, she reflected back on the good times and we started booking the trip to Bali. This was a positive thought but I had other plans. Her reflection on good times only made the family wish and hope for better times.  

Time to Make a Move. We Must Find Rehab. 

While we were planning the trip and finding flights and places to stay in Bali, I had planned her trip to rehab. I searched high and low for places that treat alcohol addiction. After sending emails and making calls from work I narrowed it down to 4 places. There were two places in Ontario, two in Quebec and I had all the information on them clearly outlined. The benefits of each and the contact person as well as the pros and cons of each rehabilitation center.  

This was no Wellness center. Not going to be Easy! 

One thing I knew was that the road ahead for her would not be easy. One month in a proper rehabilitation center was not going to be a walk in the park.  The programs they had were serious, far more elaborate than the place she called her wellness center. She needed serious help I was at my wit’s end while the family suffered as well. Our mental health was in terrible shape. We didn’t sleep well; the kids knew that mom had issues. 

She had no idea. The end is near. 

My plan was a simple one. It was to make her choose a place and check in on her own. Deep inside I knew it would not work so I had a backup plan.  One evening we sat down and I presented all the places to possibly check into. There were a lot of questions as to why and how. She knew all the answers, it was a delay tactic for her. A way to act stupid and in the end, she claimed she was fine. She didn’t need to go and she was fine at home in her current state.  This time I was not going to give in. I had to make her go and so I set my devious plan into action. 

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