Mental Health and Addiction 11.

Plummeting into darkness. 

More and More Games. Promises are Made to be Broken 

It seems that promises are made to be broken over and over. As things were going, we were not going to get out of this ourselves. We needed help and this was to be the hardest part. Nothing in life prepares us for certain types of things. 

The kids were missing their mom and the connection but slowly they got used to it. Their mom was either online, trying to work or drunk. In between, there were moments of fun and joy but mostly she was a drunk. This is hard to say and even harder to live through. The hiding places for the alcohol became much more creative. Shoe boxes, the laundry room, empty luggage in the basement and so on. I found them and poured them down the sink. She knew I am sure and when she would find out she would get angry. This was life… 

Therapy. We need professional help. 

Life could not go on like this and I had to seek help. One normal evening I had brought this up and we finally agreed to seek help. It was not a true rehabilitation centre but a wellness clinic near Kingston Ontario Canada. 

This place was a weekend retreat of sorts that had certain types of therapy available and so we chose it because she agreed to go to this one. It was not what I had in mind but at least it was the right direction. Driving there with the kids we made up a story that the place is like a spa and that mom was going to spend a few days away. This was accepted by the kids and off we went. 

Joy to the World. The Dark Could Lifts. 

To drop off my ex was honestly pure pleasure. We all went, looked around a bit and left. The place was like a week-long spa/retreat. The moment I sped out of the parking lot, it felt as if the world was brighter, the birds were singing louder and the dark cloud dissipated. 

I had a great time with the kids on the way home. We all felt the relief and all of a sudden, we were all alive again. This was sad in many ways. Let this be a lesson to everyone. If you do not feel happy in a relationship, if the other party does not bring you joy and happiness, it is time to talk and fix things or leave. 

Life is too short for anyone to be unhappy. This goes for relationships, jobs, friendships and so on. Find your happiness and live a happy life. 

Happy Wife, Happy Life. If only… 

Not having negativity around in one’s life is of course a huge plus. The kids and I had an amazing week. We did what we wanted and not what was decided. From the parks to the movies and nights spent goofing around while cooking together we had fun. 

The best and worst part of this was that the other person was not missed at all. This told me one thing… I can do this alone if I had to. There was no happy wife, happy life scenario here. Life as we knew it changed and if she was not going to, other changes were going to have to be made here. Our mental health and our lives depended on this. I do not know how the children were affected by this. Did the children’s mental health suffer because of all this? Yes, I was sure it had and this was not over yet. 

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