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The Present State of the World – A Look into the Future 

Introduction: What is the Present State of the World? 

Today, we have Russia at the borders of Ukraine. In Canada and many other parts of the world, we are facing riots and gatherings over pandemic restrictions. In the past few years, we have been consumed with anger and rage. Politicians and scientists scratch their heads over what to do not to do next.  

The straight answer is… They do not know.  The complicated answers are the ones they have been giving to appease us and the masses. We go back to the present state of the world being in one gigantic mess! Once more, we have done nothing good. We have done nothing to help others and nothing to make our future look brighter. 

The future
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Going to Mars and launching the James Webb Telescope are all but minor distractions and will not help us. No matter what anyone tells us they are good, fun explorational games played with private and tax dollars. I love exploration and have seen all the Star Trek movies.  I am a huge fan, but we are not there. We are not even close. The present state of the world and the global trends are not helping us better our future. The future of children growing up today looks downright terrible. 

The Current State of Technology and How it Affects Society 

The state we are in is sad. Nothing we do makes sense. Scrolling aimlessly and mindlessly through TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook only numb us to the pain of life as we try and escape it. Get a hit of TikTok, a dose of Instagram and go back to work.  

Kids are growing up on tablets, phones and not television. This may not be a bad thing. They are educated much earlier, but their brains are being rewired. They are going to be growing up even faster with the information being streamed to them. Their developing brains will be governed by the technology trends and apps of the present and the future. Future trends will surely have more research behind them to further reel in their little minds. My technology predictions could be very far off simply because I only know what I know. Technology predictions aside, I feel we need to get the kids out and about, away from the phones and tech to teach them to live. 

This cannot be done when their parents are consumed and surrounded by technology. When the very thing that babysits the children is the one brainwashing all of us, we are in for a terrible next few decades. 

The Current State of Health Care and How It Affects Society 

With the present state of healthcare, mental health and all-around obesity issues followed up by pollution and garbage… How will the future humans cope with all of that? Less and less money will be available for the things we need the most. 

At the same time, people are living longer thanks to advancements in medicine.  Longer does not equal healthier and longer. This and other issues will be bringing society and mankind closer and closer to destruction. 

Conclusion: Is the Future Bright for Humanity 

The bottom line is an upfront “no”. Everything that we have done boils down to greed. Nothing we have done has been for the good of society. Everyone claims good, do good, be good and show corporate responsibility. Lipstick on a pig. All show and very little action. Government taxes, the people do everything in their power to avoid it. 

Same merry-go-round over and over until we have nothing left. This is the future? Save the whales, save the oceans, stop overfishing and stop cutting down the rainforest. Nothing ever stops… Nothing ever improves and we are standing by watching it all fall to pieces. Not one, not a single person and not even a massive group can stop this because we are the cause… 

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