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The World Doomed to a Future of AI and Automation 

Introduction: The Future of Humans, AI and Automation 

So as the world crumbles before our eyes, we can slowly see that the future is looking worse and worse. With the piling up of garbage, the emotional state of humanity is slowly but surely coming to a very large upheaval. 

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The gap between the haves and have-nots will grow. The future as laid out by the scriptwriters in Hollywood will all come true on this lovely spinning ball we live on.  To make things worse, not only will we not have our freedom, our houses and our identities we will also be dealing with more and more AI. 

I am not afraid of AI, but I am afraid of the people that control it. The pace of technology and the rate that we are moving forward is much too fast. Many people are being left behind and the ones that are keeping up are living much more complex lives.  

The artificial intelligence that we already use, can be programmed for so much more. Alexa, Siri and Google assistant can and already do listen in on us. The future of automation and humans may not be a pretty one. 

Automation, humans and the Future of Work 

While I have beaten to death the shortcomings of “humans” on the planet, I feel it needs to be repeated. We have done very little “good” on earth. We have done nothing but destroy, kill and further ruin the planet for personal gain. 

I cannot think of a positive thing we have done to Mother Earth. We try and plant trees but consume more than we replenish. We suck her dry of oil and other natural resources. Now with the pandemic, we have consumed even more. More online ordering, more Uber Eats and so on. With the future of the workplace and the future office being reimagined, we will continue this. Sure, we go to the office less but order more goods to be delivered. This is where AI, automation and the further degradation of humans will occur.  

Here comes the Metaverse and there is currently no education in school about this. No education or information on AI and how this will affect us in the future. The future office will continue to be virtual. Now it will be in the Metaverse as we run around as small digital avatars. We will wave at each other virtually from our small rental apartments. 

Automation of tasks, virtual assistants and lack of human contact will not make us better. Relationships will suffer, families will suffer. Is there a way to turn this mad rush to AI, automation and technology to do good? 

AI and the Future of Humanity 

The world is a pretty beautiful place. Look around and you can see amazing places and thanks to Google Maps we can visit so many places virtually. Due to the pandemic, travel is at a standstill, but you can still travel virtually. 

However, the people that have invented this technology are also employing more and more AI into everything and tracking you while you do whatever it is that you do. This is all well and good but when Boston Dynamics pairs AI with the robotic dogs and human-like robots… Well, we will have issues. When robots take on a life of their own and Tesla autonomous trucks run down people, we will see how far we have advanced once more. Humans, artificial intelligence and robots could and will be part of our future timeline. How can we make use of all of this for the good of mankind? 

Conclusion: The World Doomed to a Future with AI 

Will we be doomed? My answer is yes, yes, yes! Doomed to failure because that is what we are good at. From wars to trash, destruction, death, murder and greed. That sums up humanity. I hope the next generations will learn from our past. However, the future of education is only as good as the people or the AI that will teach it. 

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