Random thoughts. 13

Random thoughts. 13 

Slow down a touch and collect all my thoughts. I am painting a very sad and grim future. Why? I am a positive person and I positively know that the future will suck.  

Destruction is the only way we can move forward.  

The only way we can rebuild is through reconstruction and new ideas. Avant-garde ideas that are always presented in places like Ted-Talks. How about we start claiming back the desert instead of billions and billions of dollars spent on a space telescope. To look into the past, the past? Let’s look into the future.  

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I love space, I love, love, love looking at the stars and wonder what happened on all the other planets. But I am so much more concerned about what is happening and not happening on this one. 

We have as many excuses as to why we need to look into the past as we have stars. Are you all hiding something from us? Is there something we need to know? If yes, tell us. If not, then look into the future and use all those brilliant minds to help us here and now. Is it all about astronomy fame and naming a nebula after you? No, then get your head out of the stars and use your brilliant mind and help us here now.  

There will be no reason to look anywhere when we are all suffering. Could we make a plan? Could we take a look at the real state we are in? Would it be so hard to be realistic and open-minded so we can all face the future with positivity and excitement instead of doom and gloom? Could we pump some good news into the bad news?  

You know mix it up a little and see how that goes? Maybe even a few amazingly good bits from politicians. Why is it that taxes and inflation are always out of control?  

I ain’t no economist but I bet there are really good ones out there. I am no environmental expert, but I am sure I can find a few.  

There you have it… If we could only agree on a plan and a direction and repurpose all our brilliant people, we could see a much brighter future and we would all be able to see the stars… 

Right now, all I see is pain and misery on this tiny marble we call home… Can we fix it? 

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