Random thougths. 12

Random thoughts. 12

If the governments of the world were “honest”. Ouch, that even hurts to type. But If the governments were honest, they would make sense in the decisions they make. Unfortunately, they rarely do. It costs money to make decisions. Someone will make money, and someone will lose money.

It is the way of the world and nothing we do will ever change unless we barter for everything. If the governments looked within themselves and were not worried about the votes and the government employees, they would make rational decisions to cut staff. Cannot cut staff since the staff are part of the voting majority. 

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Cannot rock the boat, cannot cut staff because we will be voted out. Maybe, just maybe we need to start somewhere? 

Assuming that the governments were honest and transparent, we would see the mass embarrassment on all parties and politicians’ faces. Exposed would be all the lies, the misleading and excess spending. 

That is only the beginning and if mass executions could take place, we would see heads rolling down the street past all the government buildings. 

While I am glad we have not resorted to that I also wish we had capital punishment… Only for lying politicians. I wonder how many politicians would be left. 

The world is a mess in thousands of ways. We all need to make a list… Oh, but the list would be debated for years… Silly me. Anyway, assume we had a list and we worked on solutions and not the problems that come with each possible solution. We move forward in productive ways and not only pay expensive consultants but truly move forward. 

The progress we could make would be able to bring forth a positive result in a relatively short time. Maybe in enough time, we wouldn’t need to take a pile of people to Mars to preserve the human race. 

We have seed vaults for a reason, right? We have prepared bunkers to preserve seeds so when we destroy what we have, we can start over. A plan has been made to restart the human race sometime in the future, but nothing is planned for the present. 

Everyone is in it for the money, greed rules the world and what will stop this insanity?

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