Random thoughts 11

Random thoughts. 11 

The planet can only sustain so much before we decide to do something. We as humans procrastinate and the governments are only in it for the self-preservation of each individual and not as elected officials by the people.  

By the people, for the people… yeah right. Lies, lies and more lies. Lipstick on a pig I say. They are the pigs and the lipstick they wear is there to cover up the lies they feed us. The people will eventually revolt as the truckers did. The people will revolt, and the government will call it a small fringe movement.  

 SC. 1 INT. DAY. Parliament  

People: Government, please do something. 

Government: We are, we got this, go away, little person. 

People: When are you going to do what you said you would do? 

Government: We are doing. We need to do an assessment. 

People: You are not doing anything… 

Government: We are. We spent billions on this… 

This is a vicious circle… Nothing gets done while money is flushed down the toilet. WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING! 

However, we need to start revolting now. By 2070, we will be under so much pressure to fix things that desperate measures will need to be taken. Right now, we could take small steps and build specialized industries to deal with what is to come. But… But if it’s not profitable and people cannot make a quick buck it will not happen.  

The specialized industries that are around today are already failing. The amazing effort to recycle plastic, paper and metal is not what it should be. Waste of such materials is ending up in the animal feed, landfills and the ocean. 

Going back to earlier blogs, what have we done and what has improved for the human race? What have we fixed and conquered so we could put that all behind us and say, “we did it.”? We are building amazing, fast and beautiful electric cars. Maybe we need to have the battery replacement and service infrastructure in place. How will we dispose of all the said batteries?  

We have created more problems and no backup is in place

There are facilities to deal with dead or damaged batteries already but there will be a flood of such problems coming to a town near you.  

No one in the government has the balls to come forth and be straight up with the masses.  

No one because that is not legit politics. If it were, it would go something like this… 

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