Random thoughts. 9

Random thoughts. 9

Look at the recycling programs around the world. Look at the illegal logging, the overfishing, the plastic problems and so on.

All these problems boil down to one thing. Our very basic inability to see anything through to the end. The constant headbutting over issues that will just never be resolved. The stupidity of political parties’ constant badgering of each other will not bring the world back to normality. Instead, it slows down the little progress that would or could be made.

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This is not progress, trash talking and name calling in government will not save the planet. We all know what needs to be done. We all know that to get things done, people need to make good solid decisions.

A local member of Parliament can announce and promise good things in all areas. However, as we all know, those things are mostly bullshit to get elected. They cannot fight traffic, pollution and garbage problems alone. It needs to be all of us and hence, it never gets done. Opposition parties will bicker, fight and argue everything, even good solid ideas.

Isn’t it time for all of these people to get the heck out? How about we get rid of all of them or replace them with a proper system and hold them accountable.

Elections over and over will not fix the issues at hand unless action is taken, and promises are kept. Get rid of war, get rid of hypocrisy and make a difference. This is the reason we will never get ahead. The constant backlash of business owners and the lobbying of parties will not end because it is all about greed.

The businesses will only support politicians that are doing beneficial things for the businesses at hand. Not the local stores, not the mom-and-pop shops that help the local community.

We are talking big companies who deal in billions of dollars and need to make money for the shareholders. In the end, we are driving the companies to be greedier because we are the shareholders.

If we stopped using Google or stopped buying iPhones, the companies would lose out. If no one purchased a Tesla they would lower the price, the shares would drop.

This mentality could work for all the things we need to fix. But in the end, we are all nothing but greedy humans. We all want what’s best for us until it is no longer the best for the individual.

What we need to fix is greed…

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