Random thoughts. 8

Random thoughts. 8

Before we get to the politics of it all and the minutia of it all we would need a plan. Let’s for a minute assume that part 7 of Random Thoughts is the plan. We have made a beautiful outline and it has been shared with 3 million people on the island. I am not going to bother about the first problem of receiving back 6 million suggestions or more from the 3 million people so that is problem one solved.

Assuming we have pushed through a plan and nearly 5 years have passed since the presentation of the plan we need to start organizing everyone on the island to be part of “Restore Bali” So therein lies the problem. 

There is no way that I or anyone else would have the power to bring this little island back to paradise. The government and the politicians would all have a say. Assuming we go to the highest power in Bali, he, she or they would need to decide. They would need a committee and of course a local in charge. With all the “minor” things out of the way let’s mandate that all NGOs would need to or must take part in the cleanup. This would surely eradicate a dozen or more NGOs on the island. 

Soon the bickering would start.  People will lobby the local politicians to have things done their way and not the other. Politicians that had their wheels greased would stand up and go against the plans that have been outlined.

Some will line up to get the business of hauling trash and further greasing of the wheels would take place. This is how the plan would slowly be erased and any funds that may have been raised would be wiped out. 

Too many hands in the cookie jar would prove to be nothing but a waste of resources. The garbage would pile up and another movement would need to come along and try the same thing all over again. 

This is the problem with the planet. The people cannot and will not agree on anything that makes sense. People and politicians will succeed in their own town in making changes on a small scale. Nothing bigger will ever come of change because it is impossible. 

Prove me wrong but before you do, look around carefully and see what movement succeeded worldwide.

Not a craze, a phase or anything temporary. 

All we need to look at is one simple example…

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