Random thoughts. 7

Random thoughts. 7 

I am going to take you to a small island in Indonesia. You may or may not have heard of Bali. This is a small island with about 3 million people give or take a few. Probably less now because of Covid 19.  

A very simple example of the garbage problem on this island starts as such. For one, it is always overrun by tourists that mostly do not give a damn. Then there are the locals that will hurl their garbage into the river, so it disappears out of sight.  

Photo by Rennon Kiefer on Pexels.com

Poof like magic the plastic bottle is gone and ends up downstream at the beach where someone will either pick it up or it washes out to the ocean.  

I have had a few discussions with people in different NGOs. Here is the big problem. There are many people involved in cleaning up Bali. Many NGOs do amazing work but guess what? They all have their own mandate, their own agenda on what they wish to achieve.  

Let’s think of this little island named Bali as our world, our planet. All the people living in relative peace are surrounded by NGOs, government, religion, industry and politicians.  

Let’s suppose here for a minute that I am very simple-minded and believe that we can work together with everyone. Let us all climb on top of the tallest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung. Let’s all go 3000 m above sea level and work our way down. Collect the garbage from top to bottom and educate the locals, tourists and visitors alike on the harm of garbage and trash.  

Simple, how simple this would be right? Set up all the trash bins, set up recycling and certain local stations along the way. Teach locals to live sustainably and provide ways for them to profit by these methods.  

While we are there, we could set up battery stations powered by solar panels and so on. This would be a dream. Bring Bali back from the trash-filled little island to the green natural paradise it once was. 

Yet here are the problems we would face…  

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