Random thoughts. 5

Random thoughts. 5 

People talk about the big reset that is coming or the reset that needs to happen, but it won’t. No one is willing to lose money, not even the billionaires, so how can it happen?  

Think about Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and all the other less wealthy billionaires and millionaires on the planet. 

Please do enlighten me…  

What is all that wealth doing? Is it quietly fixing racism, poverty, starvation, global warming, devastation, droughts, extinction, waste, education and so on?  

How can we #fix the world?

Oh, you will argue that those people are giving back. Yes, no doubt, but I often think that they do not know how to go about fixing anything that requires such a monumental task because of pre-judging by haters and the like.  

Even the billionaires cannot trust governments, politicians and the low life scummy bottom feeders that surround them. If you throw 100 billion dollars at a problem it would be sucked up, faster than a hooker could give a blow job on a street corner. Because it is how the system runs.  

I am very sure that someone with the intelligence of Elon Musk would have done something extremely positive for the world. Look, he already has, the giant battery systems helping and yet he too is faced with and faces challenges. It is a positive step despite the negativity and his haters. Pardon the battery pun but at least he is putting his profits to good use. He is expanding his agenda in hopes it helps us in the future.  

Can’t trust everyone…

Face it, we need help, understanding and open-mindedness to move forward.  

We puny little humans need to smarten up, open our eyes and ears while we shut our mouths and evolve. The so-called smartest on this planet, we are also stupid and ignorant little pieces of flesh. We are greedy self-absorbed attention seeking monsters that need to calm the f&#@ down.  

How can we fix this mess we are in? 

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