Random thoughts. 4

Random thoughts. 4

In my humble uneducated, uninformed opinion, it is going to be rather gloomy. The forecast I see is a troubling one. I propose that by 2070, we will be in such a mess that only an invasion of friendly or maybe very unfriendly aliens can bring us out of our God-forsaken lives. (no, I am not religious, but maybe I need to be)

A friendly bunch of visitors could give us all the solutions and cures that we need. They would unite the human race. But you can see the problems rising as you read this, I am sure. 

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A bad bunch of aliens could try and wipe us out and as humans of all colours, we would unite against the new common enemy. There you go, you see the issue already, right?

Then let’s forget about the aliens and get back to the divides, diverse human race and the future. Why can we not fix our problems? Oh, yeah? Only because we are split, divided and conquered by our closed-off reluctant minds to see reality. We do not want to hear any argument that does not fit our pre-judged uninformed decisions. 

We are prejudice not only in the colours of the skin we wear but ideas. 

Many believe that prejudice is only referring to race, racism, equality and so on. Well, yes, and no it’s not. Anytime you judge something or someone without fully knowing, understanding, and informing yourself, you are prejudiced. 

How dare I call you prejudiced, right? You may be judging me for my blog. I am only telling you what is real. I am not judging you or anyone else. 

You and I may read the same article and understand it differently or have different background information. Hence, we are ill-informed, judgemental and ignorant. If you judge me after reading the above as a raving lunatic, then so be it. 

I am giving you my view on the future. I am giving it to you without smothering it in whip cream and putting a cherry on top. It is all in plain sight and all in full view. The planet and the people on this little marble are going to destroy themselves, ourselves and we need to stop it, but how?

How do we get off this freight train that is going full stop and the brakes are nonexistent? 

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