Random thoughts. 1

Random thoughts 1.

We need to make the world a better place. Our mental and physical health depends on it. Yet we sit back, complain, post a few or a whole bunch of things online and nothing changes. 

Life as we know it.

Look around, things are not getting any better, things are not improving. Our lives are not being enhanced.  Our lives are not enriched by anything real.

We are now in the Crypto age, entering the metaverse, NFT’s and further deepening our antisocial “social media”… 

What are we hoping to achieve with all of this? How will our lives get better?  How will our lives improve with more and more virtual interactions instead of real in-person contact? 

For now, forget COVID, forget the reality of today and think ahead to no COVID, or at least a time when things are more manageable. Think of where we are headed and think of the kids growing up in this arena of virtual ownership of content linked to the virtual world. Reality as we Gen X know it will be a thing of the past. 

Did we go from the fax machine and brick cell phones to virtual meetings in 25-30 years? Give or take a year it makes no difference. The point is, we are headed down an irreversible path to further isolation and further mental illness.  

The reason I am tying this together is simply that we can see it coming. 

FOMO or fear of missing out, fear of getting left behind we scroll aimlessly through our phones.  

What are we hoping to find? Are we mining for crypto? No, we are giving away data, we are creating more and more virtual worlds for ourselves and for what?

On one extreme I feel we should all live in peace and leave the virtual world behind. On the other, we need to fight the idiotic governments that do nothing but piss away money. The only way to combat a problem nowadays is online. It seems like we have trapped ourselves with global trading, the race for cheaper products and global outreach. Yet we have inflation and out of reach property prices. 

Looking back, we only have ourselves to thank for it. We all created the virtual world of happy people on social media and the miserable realism of sad, depressed, oppressed mentally ill people. 

Our mental health was less of an issue decades ago, why?

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