Changes… Part 9

Part 9 

Saying bye to my son was a very sad moment in my life. I had no doubt that he would be alright. Deep down, I felt very guilty for leaving a young adult on his own. Most parents say that their kids are good, well-behaved and responsible. But my son was and is a good kid.  He stayed out of trouble and nearly every waking moment he was either making, editing or about to shoot something new. 

I have always been involved with both my kids, encouraging them to follow their passions. Now he was encouraging me to do the same. 

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We were both growing as people.  But for him, this was an accelerated learning and growing opportunity. For me, it was a life-altering, life-changing experience. We were both going to be out of our comfort zones and I felt it was a great experience. 

I may take a hell of a lot of flak for doing what I did but I had to do it. I had to have a lot of trust in my son to live his life responsibly. My daughter was already an adult. Even though she was moving to Toronto and I was leaving, it was less dramatic. She already had her life together in Ottawa and worked in sales after university. 

It was all a coincidence that I was moving away from Toronto and my daughter was moving to Toronto. Such is life and there is not much we can do about it. 

As I watched my son walk through the doors at the Jakarta airport and I saw him walk out of sight, I must admit I shed a tear or two… 

It was a bittersweet moment for me. I was following my dream and yet I felt awful about it. Not much I could do now as my new life was about to begin. My son was on his way home and only when I got home, did I truly feel alone. 

This was not the loneliness one feels after a breakup or after a loss of a parent etc. This wound was self-inflicted. 

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